Edwin van der Kley states:

Welcome viewers to the High End in Munich 2017! First of all, on this side we have the Crystal setup which consists of an amplifier -as a core-. It’s brand new. It’s a Class A amplifier, very powerful, chimney cooling, bi-directional remote control. Then we have a subwoofer which is very effective, has no resonance and goes down to 10Hz flat. Quite unique! It has 2 amplifier systems for both drivers, so that the smallest differences are compensated. We have a Diamond Minisimo which has a true diamond tweeter with a silver voice coil and silver wiring. It’s very powerful and linear and has very low distortion.  From 150Hz up at 85dB it’s performing a 0,1% THD. Is that important? Yes, it is. A lot of music these days sounds more natural. Distortion changes the speaker the way it behaves that you don’t want. You have a certain sound; this one is good for classical music, that one for jazz, pop. We wanted to build a speaker that’s good for every type of music. So it has to play loud, produce low distortion and have a wide dispersion; this means that the music spreads out to all directions. That’s why we have this unique top, this cap which we call the Scala. It’s made of solid aluminum. It’s calculated in console multi-physics to do it’s job. It’s a wonderful addition to this loudspeaker.


We have a new type of cable from Crystal called the Ultimate Dream. This is the first cable that employs a new technology that subjectively makes you believe that you have one octave more bass. Is it really true? No it isn’t. But why does it sound like you have a much better bass?  The reason is that we found that a lot of low frequency distortion is caused by speaker cables. If we remove that distortion, the bass will  get clearer. You’ll definitely enjoy that. It’s like cleaning a window, so everything gets more beautiful.


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