Gaetano Conti states:

All that we make is realized to valorize your AV components. This means that … Why are you using racks for turntables, amplifiers? The designed racks for these components allow you to valorize everything. Not every kind of surface  helps to improve the performance. What we make if fully designed to increase the enjoyability when listening to music. Our criteria, our method of realization is simply based on the fact that we like to produce what we would like to have in our own listening space. We put a lot of passion for music in our products.


Our designs are very simple but elegant. We offer 2 main finishes: black and white. You can choose between flat black or white, glossy, painted or laminated. Why? We want to stay regular in time with our products. If someone decides to buy a new system and use our racks, he can be sure that our products will stand the test of time and not be devaluated in the future. Our products are here to last. Thank you for your attention! We wish you many hours of great music.


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