Sonarworks, the European sound calibration software developers, have just announced the launch of a public research project designed to fine-tune the calibration of their award winning app such “True-Fi” for individual listener preference. The Sound Preference Research Project, which is currently underway globally, allows users to audition music samples with different sound settings in a simple A/B assessment to choose the sound they prefer most. Based on the user input AI algorithm predicts the best possible sound settings for that user.


By deploying this project, we are able to gain a better understanding of sound preference trends that are happening across our vast user base, with the goal of delivering the ultimate sound for each individual on any device. Everyone’s listening experience is inherently personal. So by feeding AI the results from this project we are able to ascertain objective insight into how people perceive sound. This means we can arrive at a user’s preference more quickly based on how they respond. Once the project is complete and its results are fully integrated into True-Fi, it will be possible for users to then tailor sound to their own listening preferences.

Helmuts Bems, Sonarworks CEO and Co-Founder

Searching for the “Ultimate Sound” for consumers

The Sound Preference Research Project is the latest in a series of outreach efforts that Sonarworks has made to its growing user community, a dialogue that has allowed the company to integrate user feedback into upcoming projects.


We have established a solid foundation for delivering Studio Reference sound across many different audio devices. The next step in this process is to create a seamless platform for users to discover and define their own ‘Ultimate Sound’.

Helmuts Bems, Sonarworks CEO and Co-Founder

Furthering its mission to provide ‘Ultimate Sound’ for consumers, Sonarworks will soon be extending its Studio Reference technology into a range of new applications, including the residential and automobile markets. In January during CES 2019, the company unveiled a prototype automobile which integrated True-Fi technology.  The company will be announcing new OEM integration as well as a new software offering aimed at wider consumer market towards the end of 2019.  


The Research Project is currently open to all and to take the Sonarworks preference test, you can visit