Tap into the ecosystem of Italian brand Sonus Faber. The Sonos Faber Omnia embodies the companies’ values and heritage. Think about pure Italian tradition up to modern technologies. Sonos Faber describes the design as an organic architecture of technological desires, exemplified in one, wireless system. Let’s investigate some more…



Senso is Omnia’s tactile illuminated wooden top panel. This touch sensitive interface allows direct control of the system, with an additional remote operation available via the supplied handheld controller and user’s smartphone or tablet. The illuminated lines indicate the wireless speaker mode, which streaming service is in use and which input is selected, also allowing the user to adjust the volume.



This advanced signal processing system results in a greater sense of dimensionality and immersivity, cleverly utilizing the two full range sides speakers. It creates a crisp wavefront which, through room reflections, mimics that of a live performance. A natural experience just within your room.


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