Building on the know-how and experience gained in more than thirty years of designing high-end speakers, Sonus faber has created a collection that features all the iconic elements of the brand: natural sound, natural materials, the Lute shape, the excellent finishes typical of Italian craftsmanship,and manufacturing done completely in their factory in Vicenza.


Traditional Italian culture

Sonus faber always found its inspiration in the highest Italian culture. This time they entrusted the history of our Literature for representing the new Sonetto Collection. The Sonetto is the most ancient Italian Poetic structure. Originally it meant “Sound, Melody“, traditionally used to accompany music performances. The first step in the Sonus faber world brings the name of the basis of Literature history in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Versatile collection

Compared to the existing catalogue, the new Sonus faber Sonetto looks at higher ranges’ models for many iconic elements. For this reason, Sonetto collection is a democratic range of loudspeaker systems because it aims to the highest quality in music reproduction within a cost conscious package. The collection features eight models: Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto III, the floor-standing loudspeakers, Sonetto II and Sonetto I bookshelf loudspeakers, Sonetto Center II and Sonetto Center I, center channel speaker options, and the versatile Sonetto Wall, an on-wall speaker which can be used as a main stereo, multichannel surround or LCR solution.


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