In the Sony Bravia XR Z9K, the XR Backlight Master Drive is powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. This processor uses a completely new processing method that goes beyond conventional artificial intelligence (AI). The processor mimics the way people see and hear things. When people perceive objects, they unconsciously focus on certain points.


Cognitive Processor XR for Backlight Master Drive

Through cognitive intelligence, the Cognitive Processor XR divides the screen into multiple zones, with the TV automatically detecting where these ‘focus points’ are located in the image. Conventional AI can only individually detect and analyze image elements such as color, contrast and detail, but the new Cognitive Processor XR can analyze a whole range of elements at once, just like our brains do. As a result, all elements are adjusted in relation to each other for the best end result, so that everything in the scene is synchronized into a lifelike whole. Conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot do that.


Sony Bravia XR Z9K in detail

  • The Cognitive Processor XR understands how people see and hear, making the BRAVIA XR TV a revolutionary experience.
  • The XR Backlight Master Drive carefully controls our latest generation of mini LED backlights for extraordinary contrast of high brightness and deep blacks.
  • XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster 20 work together to reproduce billions of colors with extraordinary contrast and deep blacks.
    X-Anti Reflection counteracts reflections for an undisturbed viewing experience.
  • The X-Wide Angle technology provides vibrant, realistic colors and extra color and clarity from any viewing angle.
  • Thanks to BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode, movies are automatically adjusted to the optimal picture settings to create a perfect cinema experience at home.
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio uses four frame tweeters on the top and on each side of the TV to boost directional sound sources, ensuring that images and sound are in harmony for a cinematic experience.
  • Acoustic Center Sync optimizes the sound output of the TV and soundbar for a better audio experience.
  • Ambient Optimization Pro optimizes picture and sound quality based on the viewer’s environment with Bravia Cam.
  • Quickly access a variety of content and services with Google TV.
    Voice-activated Voice Search provides easy content search by simply speaking to the TV via the remote control or directly.
  • Premium brushed aluminum remote that fits comfortably in the hand and glows in the dark
  • A minimalistic One Slate design with Seamless Edge and a single layer of tempered glass ensures that the viewer is not distracted and can enjoy an immersive viewing experience on a large screen.
  • Three-Way Stand for three mounting positions: narrow position for a smaller footprint, standard position for distraction-free viewing and soundbar position to raise the TV when using a soundbar.

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