In mid-April 2019, the Chinese partner of Steinway Lyngdorf, Home Integration, opened a beautiful showroom in Shanghai. The showroom is located in the bustling Xin Tian Di region of Shanghai beside the serenity of Taiping Lake. The location enhances the unique experience of private, appointment-only demonstrations in the showroom.

Create sensory experience

To enhance the sensory experience and to cater to individual guests’ specific requirements, the showroom consists of an open experience area and an independent theater. In the open experience area, Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model B, Model C, Model D, and Model S are displayed. From a seat in the middle of the room, guests can enjoy even the tiniest auditory nuances from each different system.


Private theater

The private theater displays Steinway Lyngdorf’s flagship Model LS. This system offers an astounding cinematic immersive experience in a compact scale. The showroom is also equipped with Artcoustic and Steinway Lyngdorf, creating a perfect and elegant audio-visual space.


Peter Lyngdorf himself cuts the ribbon

At the Shanghai opening, Peter Lyngdorf, Founder and Chairman of Steinway Lyngdorf, and Lars Omme, Global Sales Director at Steinway Lyngdorf, marked the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event also attracted the attendance of famous designers and architects.