The Steinway Lyngdorf Model P100 is equipped with the advanced technologies for which Steinway Lyngdorf is known, including RoomPerfectTM and fully digital signal processing. Model P100 supports all video resolutions up to 600MHz pixel clock, including 4K with the new high dynamic range formats, and with the built-in media player, the Model P100 will be ideal as a media center for smaller installations.

Digital for the purest sound

All Steinway Lyngdorf systems are 100% digital without sound-deteriorating digital-to-analog conversions anywhere in the audio chain. This means our fully digital processors and amplifiers ensure sound is replayed completely intact, delivering the purest sound possible. Fully digital processing, in combination with the Steinway Lyngdorf Digital Link (a link cable that will carry an en- crypted signal communicating both the initial setup as well as the digital audio signal and control data) keeps the audio stream entirely in the digital domain, while maintaining full resolution of the original signal. This means nothing gets between you and your sound.


Full support of every audio format

The Model P100 offers full support of every audio format on the market, including immersive surround sound such as Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, and AURO-3D®, and it can intelli- gently optimize the received audio formats to your speaker setup. A total of 10 channels can be decoded by the Model P100, and it supports up to 256 speakers through the Stein- way Lyngdorf Digital Link.

The perfect sound

With our proprietary RoomPerfectTM room-correction software to eliminate the negative influence of the listening room, the Model P100 delivers a perfect sound without the need for extensive room treatment. Whether your room was purposely designed for sound reproduction or not, RoomPerfectTM is your guarantee for optimum performance.


High efficiency in every aspect

The Steinway & Sons Model P100 can only be used with amplifiers and speakers from Steinway Lyngdorf. We guarantee the legacy of absolute perfection that comes with the Steinway & Sons partnership, and this cannot be attained with a mix of “off the shelf” products from different manufacturers. No chain is stronger than the weakest link, and our full system approach ensures high efficiency in every aspect.


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