Lyngdorf MP-50 review

I confess. I’m into immersive audio. All you high end lovers should get addicted to it. It feels so good! Once you go Auro, Atmos or X, you never go back. Seriously, after 5.1 surround we went 7.1 and now… I’v...

Yves Trélohan part 2

In this second part of the interview we asked Yves Trélohan if he could explain the difference between the leading 3D sound formats. Yves Trélohan - CEO StormAudio: Basically our product line supports all the f...

StormAudio launches ISP 3D.20 Elite

StormAudio launches its first 20-channel processor, the ISP 3D.20 ELITE. Equipped with 20-XLR outputs, the unit incorporates the same capabilities as the brand’s 16- and 32-channel models. This includes built-i...