Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 review

Honestly? It’s been a while since I reviewed gear. The last three months I chewed a lot of Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X. At that time, stereo felt like a previous lifetime, like an ex-wife which you never wa...

Steinway Lyngdorf Model B review

Last month I was having lunch with Willy Van De Velde in Antwerp. He’s the founder of Hi-Fi Corner. Willy runs 3 shops and distributes a handful brands for the Benelux. Lyngdorf and Steinway Lyngdorf are at th...

Devialet Expert Pro 1000

Expert Pro radically reinvents the core elements of playback: preamp, amp, DAC, streamer and phono stage are streamlined in a single razor-thin slab. Experience extreme audiophile sophistication and precision. ...

Verity Audio Montsalvat electronics

The Monsalvat System is the culmination of over 30 years of experience and 5 years of devoted and specialized re- search leading us to create new technologies. In order to achieve Verity’s development objective...