The Optimizer loudspeaker/room optimization technology is at the heart of Trinnov’s products for professional studios, movie theaters, high-end Hi-Fi and home theatres. With its modern approach to acoustic measurements, analysis, and processing, it solves the loudspeaker/room acoustic equation. .

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The smartmeter is a software option available for Trinnov’s Pro Audio processors: the ST2 Pro, the D-mon series and the MC series. It is available as a stand-alone metering solution or in addition to Trinnov’s acclaimed loudspeaker/room optimizer.

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2D/3D loudspeaker remapping opens new perspectives in high-performance immersive sound, ensuring a unique experience by putting the listener right in the middle of the action, in an incredibly realistic, life-like and holographic multidimensional soundscape.

Trinnov Optimizer2