TW Acustic has taken with the Raven AC turntable the exceptional properties of copper, and in conjunction with their special polymer they have developed a compound platter. The musical reproduction benefits from breathtaking sound staging and stereo depth, the representation of the instruments gains substance. The whole sound characteristic becomes clearer and more relaxed. Platter drive is via a maintenance-free belt.

Significant updates

The AC version of the Raven has a modified motor control. The armboard is made from bronze as standard. Feet: three, ceramic bead blasted and silk matt black anodised aluminium, designed and built by TW Acustic featuring ball and spring suspension. A significant update is the provision of a new motor control unit. This is even better than its predecessor and is designed to provide support for the three-motor drive option.


They have taken the advantages of their unique drive system to the limit and have developed a three-motor drive for the Raven One and Raven AC. They achieved perfect synchronicity between all three motors with their new, highly developed motor control system. The extremely precisely machined drive belt, coupled with finely toleranced and matched pulleys give the concept the optimal basis for the precision they demand.


If you were of the opinion that the Raven’s drive system was unique, then of course you were right! But the new three-motor drive picks up where their unique single motor drive leaves off. The Raven or Raven AC is now available as a three-motor version. Of course, any existing Raven One or Raven AC can also be upgraded.


Their new armboards make changing to another tonearm on the Raven AC easier. Where before it was necessary to replace the armboard, now it is simply a matter of exchanging the adapter insert.