Vitus Audio is proud to be in four rooms each with spectacular systems in their own way. It is also the first time at any show the brand will have all our 3 different series of electronics represented. These 4 systems are only possible in cooperation with excellent partners like: Marten Design, Estelon, Göbel Highend, Purist Audio Design, Jorma Design, Doehmann, Hartvig Audio, Alluxity, Solidsteel, TAOC (andet svenske rack), …

Marten Design – Room: Atrium 4.2 – F214

It is Marten Design’s 20 year anniversary, and they are celebrating with two special models – the Mingus Twenty, at demo in the Vitus Audio room – E208, and the Momento 2 found here in the Marten room. The full system consists of:

  • Marten Design Momento 2 – Speakers
  • Jorma Prime – Cables
  • MSB Select Dac 2 – DAC
  • Thales Analog – Turntable, Arm, …
  • Aurender – Media Server
  • Vitus Audio MP-L201 mk. II – Line stage
  • Vitus Audio MP-S201 – Poweramps configured as mono amps

Purist Audio – Room: Atrium 4.2 – F226

The Purist Audio Design room is a collaboration between: Göbel Highend (speakers), Hartvig Audio (Turntable), Vitus Audio (electronics). The full system consists of:

  • Göbel Epoque aeon Reference – Speakers
  • Purist Audio Design – Cables
  • Hartvig – Turntable
  • Alluxity Media One – Media Server
  • Vitus Audio MP-T201 mk.II – Redbook transport
  • Vitus Audio MP-D201 mk. III – DSD DAC
  • Vitus Audio MP-P201 mk.II – Phono stage
  • Vitus Audio MP-L201 mk.II – Line stage
  • Vitus Audio MP-S201 – Poweramplifier


Vitus Audio – Room: Atrium 4.2 – E208

In the Vitus Audio room, Hans is using a full suite of their all new – Reference Series – products full system as follows:

  • Vitus Audio RP-102 mk.II – Phonostage
  • Vitus AUdio RL-102 – Linestage
  • Vitus Audio RD-101 – DAC/Streamer – all new first time ever shown
  • Vitus Audio RS-101 – Poweramplifier – all new first time ever shown
  • Marten Design Mingus
  • Purist Audio Cables
  • Alluxity Media One – server
  • Doehmann Helix 2 – Turntable
  • Studer A810 R2R

Estelon – Room: Atrium 4.2 – F216

Estelon is demoing two different systems – their active Lynx speaker, and their top model – the Extreme Limited Edition. On the latter they have chosen to use our following units:

  • Vitus Audio SCD-025 mk. II – redbook cd-player/DSD DAC
  • Vitus Audio SL-103 – Line stage
  • Vitus Audio SM-103 – Mono Power Amplifier


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