Hans Ole Vitus, founder and owner of Vitus Audio, states:

Ok, so we are here at the High End show 2017 in Munich. We are in Atrium 2 room 208, the Vitus Audio room, in corporation with Göbel and Purist Audio Design. We are presenting our new Vitus Audio Signature Series SM-103s, a world premiere. They are the last revision of the old SM-100 that we brought out in 2005. So this particular product has been on the market now for 12 years. One of the main differences here is on the power supply. A lot of work was done on the power supply. I can go into a lot of details with that, but please contact me and I’ll give you all the details you’ll need. Another thing that we also did in these mono amplifiers, like we did in the stereo amp that we presented here last year in Munich 2016, is that we took the sound modes from our Masterpiece Series products and put it into the Signature Series products. This is the last product where we actually introduced the sound mode. The sound mode, just briefly, is really a two different configuration of the output stage, which gives different sounds. We have are classical mode, which is what we are know for; a typical class A sound. The rock mode, in lack of better, is a little more forward sounding, a little more edgy. People might call it more dynamic, which is not the case, but it’s a good way to describe it.

Yeah, so this year we chose a different speaker then we’ve used the previous years. We wanted to have a speaker which would be capable of bringing out the new technology in the Vitus Audio Signature Series SM-103s, on a different level that we’ve been used to. For that reason we chose for Goebel speakers, they are a local company here in Munich. Their bending wave driver is very interesting. I don’t know much of its the technical details, but there are a lot of patents involved. The most interesting thing for me is how it works. One of the key things is that it’s almost like a full range driver; it goes from 170Hz to 30.000Hz. It’s as full range as you’d probably can get them. The Goebel speakers contain the resolution of an electrostatic speaker or panel speakers, but they have a different way of creating energy. The dynamics are better then I’ve heard before. Ad that with their special woofers, you get a very neutral, high bandwidth and interesting speaker. They have the capability of revealing all the details that our amplifiers can produce. So, we’re very happy with this corporation.


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