Still lonesome at the top is Hans-Ole Vitus. Where? Preparing his booth in Munich for the upcoming High End Show? No, that’s not what I mean. With a staggering score of 93 it’s remains the best product we’ve tested so far. Period. I’m talking about the most impressive amplifier I’ve ever heard in my own listening room: please read our review of the Vitus Audio SIA-025.


Step up to SIA-030

The new Vitus Audio SIA-030 is build on a foundation of knowhow and in-house quality production. Hans-Ole can present 12 years of pedigree in integrated amplifiers. What motivates a man to try to make an already excellent product even better? So, the wait is finally over. The Vitus Audio SIA-030 was programmed for Q4/2017. But like fine wine…some things do take time. Certainly if you want to achieve audiophile excellence.


Features preview

  • Dimensions: 435 x 268 x 530mm
  • Expected final weight: 55Kg
  • 2.2KVA custom design transformer, vibration suspended
  • 400.000uF pre-capacitator bank
  • Shielded preamplifier internal ‘chasis’
  • Airflow optimized for maximum cooling with no fans
  • 30Watts in class A at 8Ohm
  • 200Watts in class AB at 8Ohm
  • Power rating almost doubles for 4Ohm
  • Class A / AB mode switchable
  • Fully regulated PSU including output stage
  • Linestage gain up to 12-18dB
  • Phono stage supports MC / MM

The rear plate

  • Everything separated nicely, in complete mirror configuration
  • Standard inputs: 2 x RCA unbalanced and 3 x XLR fully balanced line inputs
  • Speaker outputs are true balanced
  • Pre-out unbalanced to be compatible with most active subs
  • RJ45 / USB logical inputs for easy firmware updated
  • Optional phono stage and DAC / Streamer