Time to meet an ambitious integrated tube amplifier, inspired by its famous predecessor, the Western Electric 91A. Single-ended sound just got better with double the power. The complete SE amplifier design bas been rethought. Developed over five years, the Western Electric 91E’s circuitry intelligently steeds the parallel feed constant current source or SCCS. This allows the tubes to deliver more than double their previously rated output of 7-8 Watts.


Tube history

In 1936 the 91A is commissioned by Western Electric under its film sound subsidiary company Electrical Research Products Incorporated (ERPI). The 300B is born in 1938. Almost identical to its predecessor the 300A, the 300B arrives at a time when tube amplifier technology was transforming the world of sound, from radio broadcasting and radar technology, to Hollywood movies and telephony. Over 150 years after the birth of Western Electric, in 2018, a new manufacturing facility is established. Side-by-side with 300B production, an amplifier research and design laboratory is set up for the completion of the 91E Integrated Amplifier project.


The 91E is the result of years of research and effort by Western Electric engineers to provide listeners with the absolute finest in single-ended tube sound.

Charles Whitener – Western Electric president


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