Best of high end visited the Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium; the home of AURO-3D. In this fourth part we asked CEO Wilfried Van Baelen: “How do you like to listen to music: vinyl, tape, cd or hi-res streaming?”.

Studio and home are 2 different things

Wilfried Van Baelen: ‘The question of how I privately experience sound at home? People often ask me that question. Do you still listen to vinyl? They wonder if I have the best audio equipment at home. Honestly, those are different things for me. From sound quality perspective improvements like a higher sample rate, digital sound brings us closer to the natural sound. When done right that is. Digital does not always mean better. That’s the marketing confusing us. I understand that analog is the best quality. But what’s analog?


The lovely flavor of tapes

I see people with analog tapes again. I love analog tapes because they add color, a kind of flavor to the sound that relates to the emotional aspect of the sound experience. I used to work a lot with tapes and I remember the ‘organic’ compression that you can’t do in a digital way. There are certain emotional values related to analog technology.


Analog versus digital

Digital sound seems more real. You can compare it with film stock versus digital picture. People often find digital pictures ‘too’ real, while film stock maintains that ‘filmic’ look. Now we’re talking about emotions again: some people like the ‘real’ thing better because it brings you closer to reality. There are different aspects to keep in mind.


Let’s get immersed!

The most important question we should ask ourselves is: “How are we getting immersed?”. I see an interesting next step in the AV industry. Technology nowadays focuses more on our subconscious. True 3D sound transfers your subconsciousness more into the overall experience.


High frame rate is the new black

The same thing happens with the picture. We are talking about 4K resolution and high dynamic range. A higher frame rate will immerse you even more in my opinion. This way our brain cannot ‘see’ the difference between reality and what you reproduce. A frame rate of 60 frames per second at 4K resolution in 3D, along with sound in 3D brings a whole new experience!


A few top directors with whom we work, utilize this technology while bringing new products to the market. I strongly believe that this is a new level of entertainment and it’s right in front of us. It will appear in games, music, movies and sports and transform you to another place. Just like in Star Wars, where you go from one place to the other. We’re close to that reality now. The technology will bring us to that enhanced experience, anywhere.”.

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