In this fourth part of the interview we asked Yves Trélohan to give an overview of the StormAudio products.

Yves Trélohan – CEO StormAudio: I’ll give you an overview of our range. We’ll start with the easiest products: the power amplifiers. StormAudio offers compact solutions in that area. When you talk about immersive audio, you talk about a lot of speakers that need to be amplified. There could be 12, 16, 20 or even 25. Our power amplifiers are made in corporation with Pascale Audio; a Danish company specialized in class D modules. Recently we made an agreement for technology development with Bryston Audio. Together with this well known Canadian company, StormAudio will soon offer a co-design in class AB. That way we will have the most sophisticated sounding class AB amplifiers, together with class D solutions where price and size needs to be taken in consideration.


Our processors are completely modular by design, so they are completely flexible and scalable. I think we are the only in this industry to offer this kind of product. Consumers can configure a 16, 20 or 32 channel setup; it’s all based on the same chassis. This means three things: you only pay for what you want/get, all products are upgradable onsite and it’s a single operating system. The system integrator has to learn only one product. Ou systems are considered easy to use when it comes to setting up speaker layouts. Back to the Mercedes Class S. With a driver license you can drive that car, just like you would a Volkswagen Polo. Even though the Mercedes Class S is a more sophisticated product. We use the same approach when designing our products. You can get the best result for your room, even without knowing and/or understanding the technology. That’s what we want to achieve. In terms of scalable offers , our processors start at around €10K and go up until €20K. Early next year we’ll probably introduce a more price sensitive product for around €6K. In short, we want to offer a fully scalable solution, a one-stop-shop for the home theatre integrator who want more than what the Japanese providers have to offer.


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