Once up on a time there were cd’s. Once up on a time there were Bly-rays. Times change. Streaming is the new normal. If we look around for 4K media players that make you home theater shine, you might bump into the French brand Zappiti! Their top-of-the-line Zappiti Pro 4K HDR media player just got better: here are some details on the ‘Audiocom Cinema Edition’.


Power to Audiocom

Audiocom improved the power supply with selected components to achieve the lowest noise. Let’s talk high current Schottky diodes, audio-grade low ESR capacitors with additional film bypassing. Result? A reduction in noise artefacts at the output, resulting in a cleaner power supply.

The next step is enhanced power supply filtering for a cleaner AC mains supply. A HQ Furutech NCF IEC inlet with 6N Copper wiring is fitted to the power input board.

A digital media player can be subject to electromagnetic noise. This high-frequency noise spectrum can pollute the power supply and reduce performance. Audiocom utilises materials that cancel out the negative effects of EMI noise and improve the conditions for video and audio signal transfer.

Main board mods

Upgraded polymer capacitors provide noise reduction to the local regulation and integrated circuits for data processing. Similar upgrade to the performance of the Zero Signal board.

Audiocom installs a high precision clock for the Realtek RTD1295 processor to optimise processing. The new clock performs within the 0.01ppm with an low jitter figure of 77 femtoseconds.

Bang for the buck?

What to expect from all these upgrade? Zappiti claims improved video playback with more picture depth, deeper black level, greater contrast, increased dynamic range, more natural tone and colours making movie watching an immersive experience. Comparable upgrades on the audio side: captivating sound from both HDMI and digital audio outputs. Spoken voice is clearer and more discernible. Film scores have an increased sense of acoustic space, greater dynamics, improved depth and a more natural tonality.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR ships for €799, the Audiocom Cinema Edition for €1.799. We would love to see and hear the €1.000 difference!

Visit the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Audiocom Cinema Edition product page.
Visit the Zappiti website.